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Visitors Management

At AI Vision Viet, we introduce a cutting-edge innovation in visitor management that revolutionizes the way events, exhibitions, buildings, and companies handle guest registration and access. Our comprehensive solution leverages the power of AI and advanced face recognition technology combined with state-of-the-art cameras provided by IronYun to create a seamless and secure experience for both hosts and guests.

Key Features

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Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and long queues. Our system allows visitors to pre-register by simply submitting a photo or, for spontaneous visits, they can let our AI-powered cameras scan their faces, making registration swift and hassle-free.


Whether it’s an exhibition, an event, or a corporate building, our technology enables quick check-in and check-out processes using face recognition. No need for ID cards or name tags – our system ensures a comfortable experience for all visitors.


Gain valuable insights with our exhibition heatmap feature, providing real-time data on visitor flow and interaction within your event or exhibition.


Our robust AI-powered system ensures security without compromising convenience. Rest assured, your visitors’ data is protected and their experience is smooth and efficient.

Our tech stories

We proudly incorporate AI camera technology from IronYun, a leader in innovative and reliable surveillance solutions. This partnership guarantees the highest standard of camera technology, ensuring the backbone of our robust face recognition system.

Join us in redefining the future of visitor management. Experience seamless, secure, and efficient registration and access control through our innovative AI-driven solution.

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